Ross Group Plc

Group Activities

Ross Group Plc is a UK based holding company with a full London Stock Exchange listing (Ross Group Symbol:RGP). The group has a long history involving Engineering and Distribution of Branded Electronic Consumer Products.The principal activities of the group are primarily supply chain management , distribution and branded products

Since 2012, we have considered many proposals from within various industries; ranging from consumer electronics, mining, mineral resources, property, aquaculture, green energy, internet service providers to specialist supply chain management services.

Group has two operating subsidiaries which concentrate on the following activities:
  • The distribution of consumer electronic branded products, sales agency and supply chain management activities through Sansui (UK) Ltd. The Board has deliberately determined that any future business is to be limited to pre-selling of consumer electronic products and supply chain management services on a secured and preferably pre-financed basis whereby costs and profitability can be more pre-determined
  • Financial services for the group handled through San Gain Ltd.
  • Geographical location : Ross Group Plc USA ; Ross Group Plc HQ UK.; San Gain Industrial Company ltd (HK)