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Ross Group Plc is a UK based holding company that is Premium Listed on the Main Board of the London Stock Exchange listing (Ross Group Symbol:RGP).

Introducing Ross Group PLC’s monthly webinar.

About Acquisition

AAG contains the start-up businesses of Mari Signum Limited, Mari Signum Dragon Drying-MS LLC, Mari Signum Mid-Atlantic LLC, and Prometheus Progeniture Genetics Technologies Limited LLC, which are all specific supply chain companies involved in the research, development and production of Chitin, one of the main component in the exoskeletons of crustaceans and other arthropods.

Ross Group PLC will be centered on supply chain management for chitin and chitin related products. RGP will also focus on genetic development of high chitin content crustaceans.

Supply chain management for chitin and chitin related products.

AGM 2021 Zoom Call

Welcome to Ross Group PLC‘s Annual AGM Zoom Call. 

You can ask your board any questions via our dedicated email address : questions@rossgroupplc.com.

Dear Shareholders and Prospective Investors, 

I am Barry Richard Pettitt, the Chairman of Ross Group PLC and it is my great pleasure to cordially welcome you all again to what is now becoming our regular corporate webinar presentation – the first of which was approximately 4 months ago.

I would like to report that, during the last month or so, we have continued to progress our detailed discussions with 525 Solutions and its Founder, Professor Robin Rogers, regarding a previously proposed Chitin joint venture and sincerely hope to announce something specific regarding this and our consequential restructuring of this division in the near future. Please kindly know that as Professor Rogers is a Non-Executive Director of Ross Group PLC he will therefore recuse himself on this particular occasion and if we are successful in agreeing to the Joint Venture he will then retire as a Non-Executive Director from the Board accordingly.

With reference to our other existing core supply chain management and service businesses, I am delighted to inform that our specialist wholly-owned subsidiary, Ross Diversified Trading Limited has recently entered into a number of conditional transactions with certain mining, mineral and utilities companies regarding a number of international contracts and projects and it is also our hope to be able to make an announcement in this respect in the near future. 

In addition, I would like to inform you that, with regard to these related supply chain business opportunities and our overall Ross Group strategy, we are also continuing, in parallel, to strategically and specifically explore some specialist energy-related financing and banking opportunities that we strongly believe will hopefully enable us in general, as Ross Group PLC, to be able to catalytically convert, evolve and grow our supply chain business, including such potential projects, on a more linear integrational basis; be it both horizontally and vertically. 

These are just some examples of our endeavors to always try to continue to explore and entertain exciting opportunities, as, when, or if, they arise and present themselves accordingly.

Now, onto what may be considered a somewhat sombre subject, please kindly be assured that during this difficult and dangerous enduring period of Covid, we are throughout being very mindful of the need to proceed as carefully and as diligently as possible – whilst continuing to control and contain our costs – Admittedly, it not easy but we recognize and respect that there are many others who are less fortunate and therefore our thoughts and prayers are with them all. We also sincerely hope that the newly created vaccines will have a positive effect during the forthcoming next year.

Please always be assured that we will be as vigilant and as risk-adverse as possible in our analysis of any such situations and/or opportunities before deciding whether or not to proceed accordingly and are doing our very best under such circumstances.

We very much look forward to continuing to update all of our shareholders through this and future webinar presentations and if you may perhaps have any questions please kindly contact us through our RGP Website: www.RossGroupPLC.com or alternatively at info@rossgroupplc.com.

Our 2020 Annual General Meeting is currently scheduled to be held by the Board of Directors through the internet by Zoom at 4pm GMT on the 31st December 2020 – If it is considered possible, although it is not a Regulatory pre-requisite, we are trying to facilitate the viewing of this event through our website; However this will be somewhat dependent upon, and subject to, internet technical and technological software services being available and capable at that specific time.

Our Board of Directors, would respectfully like to very much thank all our loyal and patient shareholders for your support and we more than appreciate your understanding and patience at this particular time.

So, until our next Presentation, and on behalf for everyone at Ross Group. may we wish each and every one of you and your Families a Very Merry Xmas and Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year ! 

Thank you kindly.