Lorenzo Juárez

Lorenzo M. Juárez is the Chief Operating Officer for Global Blue Technologies Ltd., and its affiliates Perciformes Group and previously Prometheus Progeniture Genetics. He specializes in aquaculture operations and programs. During his 38 years in the field, Mr.Juárez has worked with shrimp, marine fin-fish, genetics, research, hatchery, and grow-out business operations. Mr. Juárez also worked in high level Government and NGOs and has experience with issues of policy and regulation: He was also appointed President (2009) and Fellow (2010) of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS); Deputy Director of NOAA’s Office of Aquaculture in Washington, DC; Founder and President of the Mexican Marine Fish Farmers Association; President of the Mexican Association of Shrimp Hatcheries; Regional Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research for the Mexican Ministry of Fisheries; Professor of Mariculture; Director of SyAqua, Mexico; President of Shrimp Improvement Systems (SIS); and CEO of Baja Aquaculture, Inc. Mr. Juárez is also the author of an extensive list of scholarly publications on aquaculture and fisheries. Ross Group Plc welcomes Mr.Juárez as a Non-Executive Director.