About Us

Historical Group Activities

Ross Group Plc is a UK based holding company that is Premium Listed on the Main Board of the London Stock Exchange listing (Ross Group Symbol:RGP). The Group has a long history of over 100 years involving engineering, manufacturing and the distribution of consumer electronic and electrical products. The current principal activities of the Group are primarily supply chain management services to various specialized Industries particularly throughout Asia.

Since a change in senior management in 2009, the Group has actively considered many proposals and opportunities from within various industries; ranging from consumer electronics, mining, mineral resources, property, green energy, internet service providers through to other similar specialist supply chain management services.

The Group has a long history of over 100 years involving engineering, manufacturing and the distribution of consumer electronic and electrical products.

Ross Group PLC Future

With the acquisition of Archipelago Aquaculture Group, the Ross Group Plc now has three major specialist operating businesses which concentrate on the following activities:

Proprietor extraction process from crustacean (shrimp) exoskeleton shells in order to produce an eco-friendly bio-polymer, Chitin.

Genetic enhancement of colossal shrimp for higher quality pharmaceutical grade Chitin.

Supply Chain Services to initiate, monitor and manage turn-key aquaculture and Chitin projects throughout the World; particularly in Asia & India.

Board Profiles

Barry Richard Pettitt
Chairman of the Board & Group Managing Director, 59, was appointed to the board in 2008 to become the Chairman & CEO of the Group. He was also a main board director of the Ross Group (formerly Ross Consumer Electronic plc) in 1988/89 and has more than 40 years experience in the consumer electronics industry and also successfully started several privately owned companies specializing in supply chain management services, resulting in the aacquisition of his flagship company, ISO International Ltd., in 2004, for HK$157 million to a Hong Kong Public Company. Mr. Pettitt has also been appointed to a number of high profile Public Company positions (in the capacities of President and Managing Director) and also is a founding partner in a specialist consulting company.

Michael Jonathan Simon
Company Secretary (Non Executive Director) aged 59, was appointed to the Board in 2000. He is an economics graduate from the University of Cambridge and a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and also of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Mr. Simon is a founding partner in public practice.

W L Hopkins (Executive Director)
Wade Lionel Hopkins, aged 69, was appointed to the Board in 2009. He has over 45 years of experience in both Consumer Electronics and the Electronic Components Industry. He has previously worked for the Ross Group as Managing Director of a subsidiary, Britimpex, in 1988/90.

S C Mehta (Executive Director)
Shashi Mehta, aged 63, was appointed to the Board in 2009 having previously worked for the Group as Operations Manager of Ross Consumer Electronics during the 1980’s. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing and has had a distinguished career in a variety of industrial and manufacturing trouble-shooting executive roles and brings a wealth of executive experience and expertise to the Group.

Koji Fusa (Non Executive Director)
Koji Fusa was appointed to the Board in 2016. A graduate of Waseda University of Science and Engineering, he has enjoyed a successful career advising on Mergers & Acquisitions for various specialist businesses in the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, and Myanmar. He has written several business books, speaks at Universities and corporate events around the World and was presented with the Blue Ribbon Medal from the Prime Minister of Japan in 2001.

John P. Keyes
John P. Keyes has a World reknown, comprehensive and active interest in the environment, the oceans and how technology can lead to more efficient and sustainable protein and healthcare sources. He has spent 16 years in the energy industry; holding technical, operational and senior management executive positions with one of the World’s leading energy companies, Chevron. Mr. Keyes’s expertise and credibility in international energy, investment negotiations, business strategy and sustainable resources has led to his becoming an advisor to a number of multinational companies specializing in energy, construction, infrastructure development, healthcare, industrial services, information technologies, logistics, real estate and global investing. Mr. Keyes is currently the CEO of the Mari Signum companies within AAG and has now been elected as the Group CEO of Ross Group Plc.

Stephen C. Lapointe
Stephen LaPointe is an internationally accredited and Certified Public Accountant and was the Founder of LaPointe and Company PC, a Public Accounting and management-consulting firm and also was a Director, Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Global Blue Technologies group of companies. Mr. LaPointe has been responsible for financial, tax and consulting engagements for his firm’s clients for over 20 years, primarily involved in a diversity of industries internationally throughout the United States of America, Central and South America and Europe. His experience includes forming and directing international organizations in both profit and not-for-profit arenas. Mr. LaPointe is an alumnus of George Washington University and graduated from Benjamin Franklin University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting. Mr LaPointe has now been elected as the Financial Director of Ross Group Plc.

Professor Georg Holländer
Professor Georg A Holländer was trained in both Paediatrics and Experimental Immunology in Switzerland and the United States of America. He has held academic positions at Harvard Medical School and the University of Basel, Switzerland, before he joined the University of Oxford in 2010. He is interested in the development and function of the immune system in health and disease. His particular scientific focus concerns the molecular and cellular control of thymus development and function; which has also led to his interest and support of the potential use of Chitin in such medical and pharmaceutical practices. Ross Group Plc welcomes Professor Holländer as its Senior Independent Non-Executive Director.

Frank Fay
Prior to joining Global Blue Technologies Inc., Frank Fay was the Chief Financial Officer for InnovaSea Systems. Mr. Fay has more than 30 years of accounting and finance experience helping companies to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of their finance, IT, procurement and human resource operations in large and middle markets. He is an expert in finance and advising senior management. Mr. Fay also served as the Chief Financial Officer for Baja Aquaculture, Inc. in La Paz B.C.S., Mexico and in Morrill, Maine, USA. Other international finance experience includes 13 years with AstraZeneca where he held various financial operations positions for the company in the United States of America, Zurich Switzerland and Warsaw, Poland. Mr. Fay currently serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Directors for Sol Azul Seafarms USA. Mr. Fay received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Additionally, he graduated from the Transnational Education Program IMD International in Lausanne, Switzerland. Ross Group Plc welcomes Mr. Fay as a Non-Executive Director.

Lorenzo Juárez
Lorenzo M. Juárez is the Chief Operating Officer for Global Blue Technologies Ltd., and its affiliates Perciformes Group and previously Prometheus Progeniture Genetics. He specializes in aquaculture operations and programs. During his 38 years in the field, Mr.Juárez has worked with shrimp, marine fin-fish, genetics, research, hatchery, and grow-out business operations. Mr. Juárez also worked in high level Government and NGOs and has experience with issues of policy and regulation: He was also appointed President (2009) and Fellow (2010) of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS); Deputy Director of NOAA’s Office of Aquaculture in Washington, DC; Founder and President of the Mexican Marine Fish Farmers Association; President of the Mexican Association of Shrimp Hatcheries; Regional Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research for the Mexican Ministry of Fisheries; Professor of Mariculture; Director of SyAqua, Mexico; President of Shrimp Improvement Systems (SIS); and CEO of Baja Aquaculture, Inc. Mr. Juárez is also the author of an extensive list of scholarly publications on aquaculture and fisheries. Ross Group Plc welcomes Mr.Juárez as a Non-Executive Director.