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September 2020 Webinar

Welcome to Ross Group PLC‘s monthly webinar. The next presentation will be uploaded on 31st October 2020.

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Dear Shareholders and Prospective Investors,

I am Barry Richard Pettitt, the Chairman of Ross Group PLC and it is my great pleasure to cordially welcome you all to our second corporate webinar presentation, the first of which was a month ago.

During that time, we have since announced our Interim Results for the 6 month period ending 30th June 2020 which is also available on our Website.

The Results are consistent and in keeping with with our overall objective of maintaining the Pre-funded R&D investment in our Archipelago Aquaculture Group business, which was acquired early last year and, as such, is still in the process of providing proof of production (whilst already achieving Proof of Concept and also having won the prestigious EPA Green Chemical Award) Hence our results reflect the facts that there are no revenues as yet along with the application of our prior prudent provisions appertaining to circumstances relating to both COVID and the implementations of our various sub-strategies to date – All of which are primarily considered necessary and as such together with our precursory preparatory work to be able to progress towards the next stage of detailed discussions with 525 Solutions to be able for us to hopefully enter into a pioneering joint venture together; as previously indicated and outlined in our Interim Report and inaugural Webinar Presentation.

In addition and on a separate subject, I am also delighted to inform you that our wholly-owned subsidiary, Ross Diversified Trading Limited has agreed to enter into a conditional performance-related supply chain management Agreement whereby it is envisioned that this subsidiary will, as befits it corporate name, “diversify” its supply chain specialist services into mining, mineral, utilities and construction contracts and projects on an international basis, with a view to providing revenues, profits and/or cash flow in the not too distant future.

On a more sombre subject, please be assured that during this difficult and dangerous of Covid, we are throughout very mindful of the need to proceed carefully and as diligently as possible whilst continuing to control and contain our costs. Although, as always, we are still continuing to explore and entertain exciting opportunities as and when they arise and present themselves, however, please be assured that we will always be as vigilant and as risk adverse as possible in our analysis before deciding to proceed accordingly.

We very much look forward to updating you on our progress in future webinar presentations and if you may have any questions please kindly contact us through our RGP Website: or alternatively at

As always, on behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to very much thank all our loyal and patient shareholders for your support and we more than appreciate your understanding at this particular time.

So, until our next Presentation, may we wish each of you and your Families the very best of health, happiness and safety during these difficult and dangerous times. Stay safe and well.

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