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Delay on Publication of the Annual Report - 29th June 2022

29th June 2022 



Ross Group plc

(‘RGP’ or the ‘Company’)


Delay on publication of the annual report and accounts

The Company confirms it will not be in a position to publish its Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2021 (“FY21 Results”) by the end of June 2022, as originally intended.

The delay reflects the need for the Company’s Auditors, CBW Audit Limited, to have sufficient time to complete their audit reviews after fulfilling their audit requests, meaning that the previously agreed audit timetable cannot be met on or prior to 30th June 2022. The Board has concluded there is now insufficient time in order to meet the current deadline for filing these results under the Listing Rules.

As the end of June is the latest time permitted for publication of the FY21 Results under the Financial Conduct Authority’s (the “FCA”) Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules and the FCA’s Listing Rules, the Company has requested the FCA that the listing of the Company’s ordinary shares of 0.1 pence each be temporarily suspended with effect from 7:30am on 1st July 2022.

 Further announcements will be made as and when appropriate.




Name/contact details for enquiries:


Barry Richard Pettitt – Chairman of the Board.

Contact tel nos: 0203-978-4598 (IDD: +44203-978-4598) or +1-619-753-3279 (USA)

or by email to

Or by written request to the Company’s registered office at:

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

Ross Group PLC AGM 2021 - Zoom Meeting

Time: Dec 31, 2021 03:00 PM London Meeting ID: 999 2014 0695 Passcode: Apply Verified Shareholders are invited to apply for the Zoom meeting password by emailing Upon verification, the password will be issued. Taking into account possible connectivity and network congestion this time of the year, a full recording of the meeting will be posted on this website after the event.

Board Announcement - 29th December 2021

Ross Group PLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc d’Hombres to its Board as a Non-Executive Director.

Marc d’Hombres was appointed to the board in Dec 2021 as a non-executive director. Marc is a Law and Economics graduate from Paris university and has in-depth experience managing Boutique investment banks and private equity funds. Well versed in the African markets and a and expert in trade and project financing.

Ross Group PLC Shareholders - Update as at 15th March 2020

Dear Shareholders,

I am writing to respectfully advise you that it is our intention to host a shareholder and prospective shareholder webinar after we have announced our 2019 Annual Report.

Looking forward to our interacting in the future and May I also take this opportunity to wish each one of you and your Families the very best of health and safety.


Barry Richard Pettitt
Ross Group PLC

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2018 Green Chemistry Award

Mari Signum has received the prestigious 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in recognition of its unique technology that allows the sustainable isolation & extraction of the chitin polymer from crustacean shell biomass. The Green Chemistry Challenge Award program is in partnership with the American Chemical Society (ACS), and past winners of this annual EPA award include Merck, Amgen, Dow Chemical, Kraton Performance Polymers, Codexis, BASF, Dupont, Cargill and Bayer Corporation.

Mari Signum Business Strategy

Mari Signum Mid-Atlantic LLC, is based in Richmond, VA, U.S.A. The current facility has the ability to expand production as the market demand grows. Mari Signum is strategically positioned with shell biomass supply from partnerships with Global Blue Technologies as well as sourcing from 3rd parties. Mari Signum will produce the world’s highest quality chitin from the GBT shell biomass, unlocking high end markets in bio pharma, medical and dental industries.

Ross Group Plc is positioned to create a sustainable bio-polymer solution for the world.

Dream ESG Investment

  • Nontoxic proprietary extraction methods -Chitin’s bio-polymer will impact the human world in beneficial ways 
  • A company guided by the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ of environmental stewardship, social equity and ethical capitalism. 
  • Run by competent and conscientious local management 
  • High growth with high margins expected 
  • Mari Signum has the proprietary technologies to dry shell biomass materials locally, eliminating the wasteful disposal of decaying shrimp shells collected as industrial waste

Acquisition of Archipelago Aquaculture Group (AAG) October 2018

AAG contains the start-up businesses of Mari Signum Limited, Mari Signum Dragon Drying-MS LLC, Mari Signum Mid-Atlantic LLC, and Prometheus Progeniture Genetics Technologies Limited LLC, which are all specific supply chain companies involved in the research, development and production of Chitin, one of the main component in the exoskeletons of crustaceans and other arthropods.

Ross Group PLC will be centered on supply chain management for chitin and chitin related products. RGP will also focus on genetic development of high chitin content crustaceans.

Supply chain management for chitin and chitin related products.

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